About the Truth.

Feels like Family


You were made by God to flourish in a community centered around the truth. Come and grow with us every Tuesday at 7:30pm in the Student Center Theater.

What Exactly is RUF?

As a student at Jackson State University, you desire an authentic relationship with God and authentic relationships with your fellow students. God has created you this way. But don't we so often experience the opposite?

Don't believe me? We all know what it feels like to be surrounded by people, yet lack meaningful relationships that lead to growth. We all know what it feels like to know that God exists, yet feel so lost when it comes to relating to him. As a result, we are often left feeling empty.

At the root of all our problems is sin – the anti-God programming of our hearts that leads us to rebel against God and mistreat one another. You were made by God to flourish in a community centered around the truth, but everything around us displays our distance from God and from each other. We are in desperate need of help. This is the bad news. 

This is where we step in. Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) is a campus ministry on over 160 campuses across the nation, one of them being Jackson State. With all of this bad news, we are in desperate need of some good news. RUF at JSU deeply believes in the good news that Jesus rescues sinners. We believe Jesus has the power to restore our relationships with God and to restore our relationships with each other.

We are a family of students who have recognized this good news about Jesus. We are a group of imperfect students who are trusting in Jesus to transform us into people who enjoy God, love others, joyfully share this good news, and practice wisdom in all of life. 

Would you join us? Come as we celebrate the good news about Jesus! Whether a skeptic, a seeker, or a Christian - you are welcome here!


We believe that the truth matters, and we want to have an open and honest engagement with the truth. The term "reformed" is a way to describe what we believe the Bible says is true about God, about ourselves, and about the world. These truths are captured in the historical document called the Westminster Confession of Faith. RUF wants to create an atmosphere where every student - regardless of background, personal history, or conviction - can explore these truth claims in a non-threatening atmosphere.


RUF is not just a ministry on the university campus, we are also for the university campus. We love thee Jackson State University, and we love the uniqueness of the college campus. We sincerely seek to see Jackson State thrive and sincerely seek to see you thrive in this unique and monumental stage of life.


Jesus didn't come just to save isolated individuals. No, Jesus wants to create a family of people who worship him, who love each other, and who are inviting others to join! This family is called the church. RUF is the arm of the church reaching out to the college campus. We are a family seeking to worship God together and lovingly share our lives with one another.



RUF seeks to connect our students to organizations that serve the larger Jackson-metro community.

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